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Updated: Nov 17

In February of 2020, we were hired by Mrs. Shanda King to work on her small business, BarsByBanks.

Shanda King is a Master Bartender and owner of BarsByBanks, an Atlanta-based mobile bartending service.

Mrs. King hired us for a long-term contract providing green business strategy consulting for her brand. She was interested in becoming a more sustainable small business with an emphasis on reducing costs, reducing waste, and giving back to her local community.

Our first course of action was to virtually consult with Ms. King outlining the environmental problems associated with her mobile bartending business, followed by a thorough assessment of her business to find out the challenges and limitations we faced. Once we completed an assessment, we focused on finding applicable sustainable solutions for her business. 

After deciding on her sustainable strategy, we focused on implementing them into her business. The sustainable strategies we helped Mrs. King implement included waste reduction, connecting with local vendors, and creating customized eco-friendly drink options for clients.

To Mrs. King, sustainability means uplifting and giving back to her community by building better relationships with fellow local small businesses. We focused on connecting her with local businesses, especially local businesses run by people of color which could provide her with quality green and sustainable supplies for her bartending business. 

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