Meet Our Client Michelle Swiney-McCombs!

Updated: Nov 17

We have our first official client!

Meet Mrs. Michelle Swiney-McCombs.

Mrs. Swiney-McCombs is a celebrity hair stylist, brand ambassador, educator and entrepreneur.

She is the owner of MichelleSwineyHair, a New York City based mobile luxury beauty service.

Michelle Swiney-McCombs is a Celebrity and Session Stylist, owner of MIchelle Swiney Hair (MSH). As a veteran hairstylist in the industry, Michelle is noted for her contributions to the fashion industry and educating her clients on healthy hair and scalp care. She has been featured in various online write ups and magazines. MSH mission is to educate clients as well as provide a healthy hair and scalp regimen specialized for clients individual needs. Bringing her creative expertise on set and to the salon that clients can maintain outside of the salon. MSH believes as licensed stylist, education does not stop there. Stylist must continue to educate ourselves in this evolving industry to maintain healthy hair and scalp care.

Mrs. Swiney-McCombs hired us in January for a long-term sustainability project providing

sustainability strategy consulting for her brand and also in the construction of an eco-friendly salon for her business.

Mrs. Swiney-McCombs was also gracious enough to leave us a testimonial not too long after work began:

"I would definitely recommend Ms. Banks to any business owner. I am currently working with her on converting my business into an eco friendly salon. She is very informative in this area and I look forward to seeing my end results." -Michelle Swiney-McCombs

We have a lot of hard work ahead of us, but Mrs. Swiney-McCombs is just as eager and excited as we are for this project.

To learn more about Mrs. Swiney-McCombs, please visit her website at



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