The Black-owned alternative to PayPal

Updated: Jan 2

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As business owners and entrepreneurs, we have all heard of PayPal, but have you ever checked your payment and invoicing software to see if there are any Black-owned options?

We didn't think you did.

If you are a business owner interested in supporting Black-owned businesses, you need to be conscious about seeking out and purchasing products and services from Black businesses.

Speaking of Black businesses, what if we told you there was a Black-owned alternative to PayPal?

With over 67,000 registered users, Peymynt is the Black-owned version of PayPal.

Peymynt is an accounting, invoicing, payment, and expense tracking app. They provide tools to track your invoicing & payments with Chargeback Insurance for freelancers, consultants, contractors & small business owners.

It's free to sign up.

To sign up for Peymynt through our affiliate link, please click here.

Will you be signing up for Peymynt? Let us know below!

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