Welcome Our New Client Mrs. Shanda King!

Updated: Nov 17

Please welcome our second client!

Meet Mrs. Shanda King!

Mrs. King is a Master Bartender and entrepreneur.

She is the owner and founder of BarsByBanks, a mobile bartending service located in Atlanta, GA.

Mrs. King hired us in February for a long-term sustainability strategy project to identify and implement some sustainable changes to her bartending business.

Mrs. King was also gracious enough to leave us a review on Facebook not too long after work began:

"I've already started to see the benefits of working with Banks Sustainability! From the initial consultation Mel discussed ways I could be more sustainable with my mobile bartending business. On my next client call, I informed them of my partnership with Banks Sustainability and the upcoming changes I would be making to my business and the client was sold! They said they loved my business was partnering with an organization that cares about the environment. I am excited to continue this relationship and watch my business flourish."

We are very excited to assist her in creating a more sustainable bartending business!

Stay tuned for updates on her sustainable business journey.



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