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Welcome to the Banks Sustainability Blog, the blog for Banks Sustainability, a Digital Woman and Minority-Owned Green Business Consulting Agency.

We are focused on helping female entrepreneurs operate green businesses.

This blog resides at the intersection of sustainability, social justice, and business.

We will discuss:

  • Sustainability concepts and news

  • Green business principles

  • Strategies, products, and tools for small business owners

  • Banks Sustainability company news and releases


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We have blog posts here covering green business, company news, and sustainability.

Not sure which blog posts to read? Here is a breakdown.

Beginner Green Posts

What is a Green Business? to teach you the basic principles of green business.

Greenwashing 101 to teach you how NOT to market your business to customers.

Recycling 101 teaches you the basics of recycling

Composting 101 teaches you the basics of composting

From here you can decide to dive into our other blog posts:

Green Business

BSC News


Black Business

General Business

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